The Anti Date

Valentine’s Day not for you?  Need an antidote?  How about an anti-date?


valentinesantiValentine’s Day:  A day for lovers, secret admirers, friends, single minglers, and the creepy guys sleazing at the bar, preying on staunchly single ladies just out to enjoy February 14th and sing Beyonce anthems.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan.  It’s very much a Marmite day; you either love it or you hate it, and whether in a relationship or not I’ve always fallen into the hate camp.  Until now… Maybe.

Anti V-Day is a long established tradition in which empowered singletons declare that while they abhor Valentine’s Day and all it stands for, they still want to mark it by going out and having a jolly good time.  This year I’m joining up with an organised group of like minded people and doing just that.  It’ll be an all day event, so basically a series of mini anti-dates.  No mention of fancy dinner, roses or chocolates, but there may be a prom…

Just to further abdicate ourselves from Valentine’s Day rigidity, us Anti-V’s are un-celebrating the day on the wrong date.  February 16th is our totally non- special day…basically because it’s not a school night and we can spend the whole day having fun and preparing for a hangover.

We’ll be hitting some sort of bowling and pool establishment, food will be consumed and some sort of delicious cocktail will be had. Then on to prom!  Light House Cinema, Smithfield, is showing the 1986 teen classic Pretty in Pink.  I’ll be decked out in my prom dress (or perhaps tux) and making faces instead of locking lips in the ‘prom-night photo booth’, for what is sure to be the best non-Valentine’s ever.

If you are going out for V-Day on the 14th, I recommend you grab a bunch of mates or your Ma and go see Muriel’s Wedding in Light House.  Cupid Tip: Roman Holiday (Audrey Hepburn) is also showing on love day and would be a perfect girlie date or bonus point trump card for any man trying his luck with a lady of taste.

Young hearts run free!


Written by: JR Doyle  DublinTown / The Wrong Girl

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