do you think dublin is a romantic city

Dublin, Let’s Do Better this Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is looming. It’s a day that will either fill you with giddy, love struck, glee or it will instill fear into your very core. It is a divisive day that usually sees the development of two camps: The Romantics and the Anti-Romantics, or the cynics as they are often, some might say unfairly, known. The former camp is filled with those that relish the thought of sprinkling rose petals on the bed, having candle lit picnics and professing one’s love with a jaunty limerick. The latter camp relish the thought of, doing nothing. Treating the day as just another day, cursing Hallmark and if needs really be, giving his/her loved one a bunch of petrol station bought carnations.


You will probably see a distinct difference in nationalities in each of these camps. For instance, Camp Romantic will more than likely be overrun with Latin Lotharios and French wordsmiths, while Camp Anti-Romantic will probably be overrun with, wait for it, the Irish. For a nation known for its poets and scholars we seem to become tongue tied when it comes to romance. Don’t believe us? Well take a look at this video. We asked some Irish men if they are romantic and this, alas, was the response.

Let’s do better this Valentines Day!


Watch what Irish Men Think About Romance

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